Lima’s Top Attractions

peru-lima-santo-domingo-evening-viewLima is an old city and one of contrasts. There are beautiful historical buildings, several museums that display and preserve Peru’s rich history, old churches, delightful plazas, a zoo and so much more.

Historic Center of Lima

The historic center of Lima and the Rimac district were declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. Within this area are many historical buildings that date back to the Spanish colonial era. Some of these buildings have been fully restored to the glamour of the bygone era and they make a fascinating visit for visitors.

The Cathedral, Presidential Palace and the catacombs of the Convento de San Francisco are all located here and are very interesting places for tourists to visit. Parts of the old city walls still stand, and it was from these very walls that the Spanish used to defend Lima from attacks by pirates and other enemies.

Museo Nacional de Antropologica y Arqueologica

The museum has one of the most outstanding and extensive collections of pre-Columbian artifacts including items from the Nazca and Inca periods. Ceramics, textiles, obelisks and many other unique objects are part of the interesting collection here, which gives viewers an idea of the grandeur and richness of Peruvian history.

Museo de Oro

This is one of the most interesting museums to visit to learn about the legendary treasures of Peru’s ancient, pre-Columbian civilizations. The privately-owned museum’s name translated literally to ‘Gold Museum’ and its collection includes gold artifacts from the Incas.

There are several spectacular beaches to enjoy while staying at Lima. The Costa Verde beaches – also known as the Green Coast beaches, as the water here was once green because of the subterranean rivers – are very popular with tourists from January to March. Other good beaches for swimming, water sports or just relaxing on the soft sands are at Playa Redondo, Barranquito and Los Pavos.