An Overview of Lima

peru_limaAlmost all visitors to Peru stop in Lima, Peru’s cultural and business center. The rich history of the Inca civilization, its archaeological heritage and the natural beauty of Lima makes the city an exotic holiday destination, as well as offering the opportunity for an exciting, unique and unforgettable holiday.

Transportation to Lima

Lima is easily accessible by air from many international destinations including the USA and almost all major European and South American capitals. The airport also handles domestic flights and there are numerous flights linking Lima to all the major Peruvian cities. The airport is quite close to the city, making it very convenient to get into the city and immediately start enjoying Lima’s delights. Lima is also connected by road to major Peruvian cities and Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.

What to See

Whether it is stunning mountain landscapes, the seaside, thriving rain forests packed with flora and fauna, animals unique to this region, historic sites or colonial buildings… Lima has it all. There is so much to see and do here that even a month would not be enough time to experience all the unique elements that Lima has to offer.

Day Trips

There are several pre-Inca cities on the outskirts of Lima such as Cajamarquilla and Pachacamac, which are well worth visiting. Many of the more stunning beaches are also just a day trip away, with several pleasant villages along the way. The surrounding areas are much less crowded and quieter, and there is a sense of tranquility that many visitors find refreshing.

Activities and Leisure

Lima offers its visitors numerous activity and leisure options including trekking along the famous Inca Trail, hiking, surfing, game viewing and many more exciting activities. There are also fantastic restaurants to dine at, music, art galleries and museums to browse, while the city is also a shopper’s paradise.