The Food Scene in Lima

4328334_origNo trip to Lima would be complete without taking the time to sample traditional Peruvian cuisine. There are plenty of great dishes to try and Lima is one of the best places in the whole of Peru to dine in style. Peruvians love to dine out and Lima’s residents are no exception. There is plenty of opportunity to try local dishes as well as international cuisine. Many quaint cebicherias (small restaurants) line the streets and specialize in seafood menus. The districts of Miraflores and San Isidro have numerous restaurants, cebicherias and delightful cafes with a relaxing ambiance in which to enjoy a tasty meal.

Also located here are excellent Creole restaurants; eateries serving a wide variety of international cuisine including French and Italian; fast-food outlets; and franchise restaurants. Chinatown has numerous restaurants that offer tasty authentic Chinese cuisine as well as several other restaurants serving a combination of Peruvian and Japanese dishes, the well known Nikkei cuisine.

Local dishes have been influenced by the Spanish and waves of immigrants that have settled here throughout the years. Nevertheless, there are several types of delicacies that are particular to Peru, all of which can be savored while in Lima.

More adventurous diners may wish to try anticuchos. The dish is made from cow’s heart and is marinated in a spicy sauce. It is served with boiled potatoes in a shish kebab style. Tamales is corn that is either boiled with meat or cheese and then wrapped in a banana leaf. It has an interesting flavor, but the smell, if boiled with meat, can be a little strong.

Many restaurants serve dished of boiled potatoes with cheese, herbs and spices. Other interesting authentic dishes to try include ceviche, consisting of chili peppers, onions and aromatic lemons; sancochadao, a beef and vegetable stew with sweet potatoes; and lomo saltado, sliced beef fried with French fries, tomato, onion, vinegar and chili, and served with rice.