Other Places to Visit in Peru

peru-tours-u2013-visit-sites-of-historial-significance-amillionlivesRich with a history of ancient cultures and colonial tradition, Peru is a mystical land with one of the richest and most magnificent bio diversities on earth. Visitors flock to Peru for its archaeology, pristine beaches and mountains, and fantastic landscapes with friendly people and plenty of music.

A popular destination, Cuzco, is the archaeological center of the Americas and the oldest city on the whole of the continent. Most of the streets in the city are fringed by Inca-built stone walls and are home to the Quechua-speaking Incan descendants. Major attractions include the 16th century cathedral and La Merced Church.

Exploring the lost city of Machu Picchu, the Inca’s stronghold in the Andes and Peru’s most famous archaeological site sitting high above the Urubamba River, is a must for any visitor. This is also the final destination of the famous four-day Inca Trail.

The ruins of Coricancha, near Cuzco, were once covered with gold. The Museo de Arqueológia houses stunning crafts and a cool collection of mummies. Four other ruins, namely Sacsayhuamán, Puca Pucara, Qenko, and Tambo Machay can be found nearby. To the east of Cuzco, Isla Taquile, a 24-kilometre passage from Puno, is an enchanting island in Lake Titicaca.

Known also as the ‘white city’, Arequipa is located in the extreme south and is circled by towering mountains and canyons; Cocla Canyon is the world’s deepest. Many beautiful buildings here are constructed from a light-colored volcanic rock known as sillar. The Convento de Santa Catalina, located here, is one of the most fascinating religious colonial buildings in the country.

Adventure-seekers can enjoy Huaraz for its climbing, trekking and backpacking. The city itself is not attractive, due to massive earthquakes in the past; however, the surrounding mountains are extremely beautiful. The glaciated peaks of the Andes located around Huaraz feature excellent climbing from May to September.