Top Universities In Peru With Low Tuition

It is always important to make the right choice about which University to apply for. Maybe you want to study Latin America, Spanish as a language or just experience a different and amazing culture. There are 80 Universities in Peru, with 18 of them listed in the QS Latin American University Rankings. Peru offers a good selection of Universities covering a wide range of subjects for international students. If Natural Science is your passion, then take the opportunity to study and work with hands-on on the Amazon rain forest. Whatever the reason is, Peru and Lima is a cultural Mecca and full of Universities to choose from.

shutterstock_171535958-3Why study in Peru?

Anyone with an interest in Latin America should experience the history of Peru, with places like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to explore. For the nature lover or the Natural Science student, it has lush jungles, stunning mountains, lakes and an incredible coastline. It offers an opportunity to learn and practice the Spanish language, even if you are not formally studying it. Lastly, do not forget about the food Incan and the Spanish wonderfully varied cuisine from seafood to savoury meats. If you are interested in a teaching career in Peru, then take a look at for more information.

Top 3 Universities in Peru

Peru is one of the most exciting places to consider spending your study years and there are opportunities across a broad range of topics. Higher education is funded by the exchequer, scholarships, company donations and tuition fees. The cost of tuition in Peru varies, but international students normally pay lower fees than locals. Peru’s highest ranked University is Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, a private University based in Lima. In second place is the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and also making the top 3 is Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. It is possible to find exchange or study abroad programmes and enrollment discounts, so start looking today!