This site is dedicated to PLEA, which is a special conference that is held in the city of Lima, the capital of Peru. This is a special conference that focuses on ways to establish environmentally responsible architecture with the key themes being opportunities, limits and needs. Attending this conference is a must for anyone who is involved in this industry or is simply interested in gaining information on sustainable and environmentally friendly building techniques.

A large number of knowledgeable and highly respectable speakers take part in PLEA in order to share information on this important issue, answer questions and take part in a whole host of other types of activities. Tickets for PLEA tend to sell out quickly, so anyone who is interested in attending should make sure that they secure them in due time.

Of course, people who are traveling to Lima to take part in the conference will want to make sure that they arrange their accommodation early. While there are plenty of great places to stay in Lima, thousands of people travel to the city to join PLEA and accommodation options tend to fill up fast. Therefore, visitors to this site will find articles on some of the best places to stay in Lima as well as other essential travel tips.

Lima is a fascinating city to explore and anyone who is planning a trip will want to make sure that they allow plenty of time to get to know it: they’re in luck, as this site also contains information on what to see and do in Lima as well as some of the other destinations in Peru that should not be missed.